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The Space Certification Program awards a “seal of approval” to companies whose products and services can demonstrate a viable link to the space program.

Outlast® technology was designated a Certified Space Technology™ by the Space Foundation, a national non-profit dedicated to promoting space endeavors back in 2013. As the developer of Outlast® technology, Outlast received this prestigious seal of approval for the way in which its space technology enhances the lives of consumers. Outlast®  technology was originally developed for use in space gloves to protect against extreme temperature fluctuations. Outlast has continued to develop and test applications, including LHS materials, to make this Certified Space Technology™ available to more consumers around the world.

“Outlast is a truly exceptional Space Foundation Partner and one of a select group that has been recognized within both of our major space awareness efforts. They have long been a leading partner in the space certification program and were further honored by being inducted into the prestigious Space Technology Hall of Fame. Their successful application of space-based technology is found in consumer goods of every type and around the globe. Outlast is a shining example of how mankind benefits from the space exploration, often and unexpected ways.” – Kevin C. Cook, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Space Foundation.

For more information on the Space Foundation and Certifed Space Technology™ please visit www.spacefoundation.com