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Latent Heat Systems (LHS®) Lithium-Ion Battery Sleeves provide a low-cost, effective means for passive thermal management. LHS battery sleeves provide effective thermal moderation during power intensive battery operation due to the unique energy absorption, heat storage and heat dissipation characteristics.



  • Lowers thermal runaway issues to improve safer user handling

  • Decrease in overall thermal stress

  • Increases the ambient operating temperature range

  • mitigating hot and cold

  • temperature fluctuations induced by the working environment (i.e. arctic and desert type applications).

  • Sleeves can be sized to fit different cell dimensions


Latent Heat Systems (LHS®) Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomers can be molded into 3-dimensional objects with conventional injection molding equipment. Other thermoplastic processing (e.g. extrusion) is also possible. LHS Elastomers can be supplied in various hardness (Soft vs Hard) and LHS loadings to suit your product. This product will help with thermal reactions.

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